Amavasya Yoga

cropped-Amavasyayoga.jpgAmavasya is the time of the New Moon, the celestial moment that occurs each month when the moon aligns with the sun and is invisible in the night sky.

It’s considered a time of great power, both auspicious and inauspicious.

Esoteric lore warns that negative tendencies can be unleashed when the moon is dark (read more), but cultures the world over also consider the new moon the most potent time of the month for initiating growth (read more). 

The dark phase of the moon is also considered an energetic and spiritual moment when endings and beginnings meld into one and is therefore deemed a good time to honor and learn from the past while setting intentions for the future. 

Amavasya Yoga seeks to unlock the potential for growth and evolution contained in every aspect of existence, auspicious and inauspicious, light and dark, using the tenants of Classical Yoga. Its reach is physical (Hatha Yoga), intellectual (Jnana Yoga), political (Karma Yoga)  and spiritual (Bhakti Yoga).  

It’s mission statement/blessing goes something like this:

May the practice and wisdom of yoga help each of us clear old growth, tame ungoverned energies, heal wounds, align misalignment, transform negative patterns, conquer demons….and find love, peace, understanding, and open-heartedness, not at the end, but all the way through.

Welcome to Amavasya Yoga.






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